Principal Desk

Since time immemorial, higher education has been a significant factor to bring social and economic transformation in any economy of the world. Therefore, the foremost responsibility of all institution of academic and applied knowledge is to chisel and groom human potential for the empowerment and upliftment of the indidual as well as all section of society.

Empowerment of students for their all round development through education is our cherished motto. Today education means much more than merely acquiring knowledge. It is the acquistion of knowledge and skills,building character and improving employability of our the young talent.

Dear students, The overall development of the mind and body is a sign of a good health and complete development. Hard work,dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. The future belongs to you,you need therefore to prepare yourself far an active participation in the world. This participation demands that you acquire the capacity of thinking intensively and critically become well informed to ultimately grow as responsible men and women.

I have the fervent hope that all the constituents of the college, teaching, non-teaching and students, will come together and work in unison to achieve the expected results.

Prof.(Dr).Ravinder Kumar Tickoo

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